Inside Poirot
March 1st 2021

An introduction to the Poirot email lookup tool

A brief explanation of what, why and how behind the Poirot application

An email address signifies a basic building block of more than 90 % of the internet marketing endeavors. In fact, based on the recent researches, a prospect's email address is providing more value than any other communication channel.

Does internet need yet another email lookup and validation tool? Yes if it provides more value to its users. Actually, more solutions usually mean more quality is provided to the end users as each product tries its best to stay above the competition. Each email finder provides its own search algorithm and utilizes different ways to identify whether the given address is still a valid one. Poirot as a solution strives to be the best in helping you to discover and verify your prospect's email addresses and to ensure great delivery for your email.

Existing solutions implement two different approaches when it comes to email address finding. They either utilize a web scraper of some kind and try to find freely available email addresses when you type a website URL or they try to match prospects first/last name with the domain name and verify it by trying to communicate with the target email server.

Poirot App uses a different approach in email address collecting from the internet. This is the only solution available that lets you search the target email address by just specifying a prospect's company name alongside the first/last name. Poirot App algorithm will try really hard to match it with the domain name related to that company even if it doesn't have an active website. The basic guiding idea for the Poirot App was that a great number of companies only use their domain name for sending and receiving email messages rather than having a fully developed website. Alongside this collection method, Poirot utilizes its own web scraping techniques for email addresses in order to further enhance results data provided to the users.

The technology stack behind the Poirot App consists of multiple microservices packed inside the Docker containers orchestrated using the Kubernetes cluster in Cloud. The backend core API (the brain behind the app) is predominantly a Vapor Swift Application that is utilized by the React frontend. PostgreSQL is a data provider for the Poirot tool.